H O M E P A I N T I N G W O R K S on P A P E R P R E S S B I O C O N T A C T


“...I was born in a small town that was known for its beauty and moderate climate, a renowned resort on the Baltic Sea. It was part of the Free City of Danzig, an independent German Hanseatic city/state, that is now Gdansk, Poland...

...From the beginning I experienced a sense of duality the bright light and rhythmic pounding of the sea, and there, rising behind it, the dark forest that held in its silence the northern European legends of evil spirits: witches, erlkings and poison toadstools. Light and dark - good and evil - life and death - that juxtaposition that eventually became the underpinning of my painting...”

  from BLUNT EDGE - The Making of a Painter : Vera Klement

Door To The River at The Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago
Constellations : Paintings from the MCA collection, July to October 2009

Vera Klement in studio with Sibelius (2008)
triptych, oil on canvas, 90 X 236 inches


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